Real Estate Tips

The Churchill’s Action Plan

This action plan works because of the Churchill Team’s ability to orchestrate a successful conclusion in today’s complicated marketplace.


The Action Plan incorporates many different marketing mediums to make sure the exposure for your property is maximized from the very beginning. Our goal is to reach all of the buyers that are within the potential pool of buyers at that moment for the subject property,

Print Media:

We advertise in all the local and regional print media venues. These include the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Chronicle,  The San Jose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal. The Hills Newspaper group is also used and their reach includes Piedmont, Berkeley, Oakland, and Montclair.

Target Marketing:

We do comprehensive “target marketing”. We do this with the latest demographic and geographic information, targeting what we know as potential buyer sources. We will also do an e-mail marketing campaign using data bases for both buyers and agents. We target agents and companies that are known to work or have market share in the subject home price point.


We have one of the most extensive internet marketing programs in the real estate industry. We know for a fact, that 87% of today’s buyers will start their home search on the internet. We want to reach them first. Your home will be on the following sites: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube,,,  and many more!!! We also work on being sure that all the top search engines have the necessary data to have it show up in searches. We will use Video, Flash, Still photography and Google Maps to showcase the home.


Our company has the latest in real estate technology to help the Churchill Team and make sure their clients have all the tools necessary to provide a dynamic transaction.

Brokers Tour:

We do professionally catered Brokers Tour, so we can attract the maximum number of agents to the property on Tour Day. We try to make it an event, not just another house to see. This is an important opportunity to bring the Real Estate community into the home for the first time.


We will prepare a multi-page, high gloss brochure for the new listing. The content will be professionally managed including a professional photographer. We want the brochure to represent the home in all it’s beauty.

Virtual Tour:

We prepare a virtual tour/slide show that offers the best views of your home, while giving the potential buyers a feel for the home. We have sold properties to out of area buyers before ever stepping foot in the home.

Unique URL:

Your home will have it’s own address on the world wide web: This way we can direct traffic to that unique page.


Our Experience and knowledge levels allow us to give you the best representation in the real estate industry. We prevent issues and give you options.